• Pokemon Rules

    The Pokemon series continues with fans of a franchise from generation to remakes, they all seem to be a favorite amongst gamers. With no “bad game” Gaming Bolt ranks the top 15 Pokemon issues at twenty years old.

  • Logitech Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing an entire video game by a consumer company? Yes. The whole game, from characters, environment, weapons and rules of a new tower game will be up to the fans. Together we game by Logitech.

  • Gods Will Be Watching

    A new Steam game is a difficult pass, but in narrative mode, it becomes playable. But all the best with advancing with all of the ethical choices at stake in this.

  • The Rise of Mobile Gaming

    Because of GPU technology, mobile gaming is on the rise. There is the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, but the advancements will come from smartphone and tablet companiess like Samsung, HTC and Apple.

  • Shark Bomb Career Guide

    According to this print that you can buy from Shark Bomb, the road to a career in games isn’t just getting a job…

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