• Reading with Games

    “Playing a game is more sociable than watching a film. Watching a film may as well be done separately as together.” Author, Lucy Prebble, argues that the stereotype of games is false, and that they actually induce far more creativity then that of reading.

  • Paradox CEO Calls DRM a ‘Waste of Money’

    “No one should have to purchase a product that they’re unable to install because of the DRM. There might be other reasons, like the compatibility isn’t correct, or whatever. But people who purchase a game should have just as easy a time as those who pirate the game, otherwise it’s a negative incentive to buy […]

  • Will Wright’s Hive Mind

    Bringing situational awareness into a new “game of life,” Wright, creator of the Sim series, is working on Hive Mind, a new alternate reality game (ARG).

  • Indian Industry

    Tier I and Tier II cities are giving rise to a projected 32% rate of growth in the gaming industry in India, its current market share is about .6%. Demand for electronic coin-operated amusement machines and arcade-type machines to be the highest in Maharashtra, followed by Uttar Pradesh. Console gaming has grown due to rise […]

  • Doom 3 Source Code Released

    The Doom 3 Source Code is up right now at github.  Follow the jump, clone it, fork it, and if you feel bold enough, request a pull.

  • Nintendo Standing Tall Against DLC

    Nintendo is taking a unique approach against a quickly growing trend.  Consumers by and large will love this move, however it also is also the only one they can take with the Wii. “When we sell a game, we want the consumer to feel that they’ve had a complete experience. We’re unwilling to sell a […]

  • Sonic Generations

    Sega is working on remaking old classics, this brings up whether or not it’s good to keep adding on to past titles, legacy or new?

  • Consoles Stifling

    Trip Hawkins of Digital Chocolate fame say that we were in the golden age of game development when we were using floppy disks and that when Nintendo came along with software licensing, we’ve been in a dark age. Hmm?

  • The Vertical Slice

    Da Vinci worked by creating one vertical slice at a time, when will execs understand that games are an iterative process and that stitching together done parts just doesn’t work for composition’s sake.

  • KartRiderRush

    Including super responsive carts, this cartoonish cart racing game that has left one third of South Korea’s population having played it is coming to the iPhone and Android. Get your pocketbooks ready as you’ll need plenty a item!

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